Through our partnership with Milliken, we are committed to revolutionizing the way people think about flooring. Our goal is to create a seamless fusion of form and function that elevates any space while maintaining visual appeal.


Take a stand: ergonomics for everyone

Our carpet and LVT are more comfortable underfoot, which affects everyone in the workplace. In fact, our carpet's WellBAC® cushion backing can reduce muscle strain by as much as 24% compared to hardback carpet, which is especially important in sit-to-stand workplaces.


Inner peace from quiet interiors.

Noise causes stress and hinders concentration. That's why Milliken makes the quietest floors in the industry. The acoustic technology of our carpet and QuietLife LVT tiles reduces in-room and through-floor noise by up to 50% compared to other flooring.


Designing for a healthy space.

Designing interiors that protect and enhance wellness is more important than ever. At Milliken, we select carpet materials that are Red List Free and PVC Free. We construct our carpet tiles with open-cell, cushion backing to mitigate moisture, reduce noise and improve comfort. And our OBEX™ entrance flooring keeps out moisture and contaminants, which can improve indoor air quality and cleanliness.


Floors that reduce your footprint.

Milliken carpet, LVT, and entrance tiles are carbon neutral everywhere in the world. As part of our M/PACT program, great care is taken when selecting materials, manufacturing products, and delivering them to our customers. We believe it takes humans to protect humanity, so let's work together in the fight against climate change.